MODULAR // 3 Take a look at our comprehensive range, created by our own in-house design team and built by our experienced production teams. FORMULATE is a highly original concept, combining a unique mastery of the space using tubular structures and adding the infinite possibilities of printed fabrics for graphics. Aluminium tubes are used to create innovative shapes and structures that add value to your communications, these can be made to custom designs that meet your exact needs. Modulate TM is the fusion of two original concepts, recognised for their success in the world of retail and exhibitions: Formulate, a range of tubular structures, and Vector modular frames. VECTOR is one of the most simple and versatile visual communication solutions on the market. It comprises an aluminium frame with a stretched textile or rigid graphic and can be adapted to any kind of location. There are many different styles, enabling all kinds of applications: wall-mounted, free-standing, double sided and with lighting. LINEAR is an excellent choice for all Point-of-Sale communications and stands where you want to add value to flexible or rigid PVC graphics. You can choose between visible or hidden frames, depending on your requirements and preferences. ARENA is an attractive tubular aluminium display structure which is both extremely lightweight and robust. Various sections can be assembled according to the space available and can then be covered with Formulate Modulate TM Vector Linear Arena