MODULAR // 85 Accessories Convert your UK plug into EU version Unscrew Lift the lid Pull the plug to extract it Universal Fixing Kit Compatible with… Universal Fixing Kit US901-C Formulate and Modulate™ Fitting Formulate and Modulate™ Fitting US903 Square Spot Linear Fitting Vector Fitting Spot LED 9 Wat. Square Spot LED-9W-145MM (w) 150 mm Linear Fitting US-LINEAR Vector Fitting VLF Round Spot Spot LED 9 Wat. Round Spot LED-9W-146D Ø 146 mm Formulate Modulate™ Linear Vector PS 950-1000 LED Spot LED Flood Spot LED Strip Spot LED Exhibition Linear Fitting US-LINEAR Formulate & Modulate TM Fitting US903 Vector Fitting VLF Fitting integrated with the spot