# 12 Creating workspaces Creating simple private reception spaces, partitions or office spaces with the Modulate TM frames. The large customisable surfaces can also be used for decoration as well as brand communication. 2 x Modulate Slope 2 2 x Modulate Straight 1820 2 x Modulate Curved 820 Height: 2400 mm 3500 mm 900 mm 900 mm 3200 mm 2600 mm Create effortless partitions A simple and original way to create workspaces or redefine an open space Send your message in print Dye-sublimation is an environmentally friendly printing process that uses heat-sensitive water-based inks. These inks turn into gas when heated and are combined with a 100% polyester base. We offer printing using both transfer and direct techniques to meet your every need. The dye-sublimation process delivers unbeatable colours and incredibly durable results. Your messages will be printed in a large format on a slightly stretchy fabric, designed to fit the shape of your Modulate TM structures. Tips to ensure the best print results The quality of your graphic depends on the quality of the print file provided. Here are some basic principles to ensure optimal results : • Follow the graphic templates and instructions we provide to create your print files. • Create artwork at no less than 300 dpi in CMYK mode not RGB, send any linked files do not embed and outline all text. • Save artwork using Adobe PDF preset PDF/X-4:2010, and check box to “Create Acrobt layers from top level layers”.