We constantly strive to bring you the best solutions and offer innovative products. These developments may affect the products offered in this catalogue. All sizes are non-binding and provided for information only. There may be minor changes or typographical errors. All Modulate TM structures are guaranteed for 5 years. Bungee sections An attention grabbing solution Modulate TM is the fusion of two original concepts, recognised for their success in the world of retail and exhibitions: Formulate, a range of tubular structures, and Vector modular frames. Modulate TM consists of a set of frames made from aluminium tubes covered with a printed tension fabric graphic. These frames can be connected together using powerful magnets inside each element. Based on this simple magnetic principle, the different Modulate TM frames combine to create the perfect configuration for every venue: retail outlets, trade shows, shell schemes, exhibition venues, shopping centre, or in office environments as simple partitioning for meeting areas.