# 2 # 3 Stabilising feet with Twist & Lock system Simple assembly with numbered frame parts Self-locking system with bungee poles and push-buttons Double-sided tension fabric. Zip system Optional 400 mm extension to change the height of the structure Central reinforcement tube (18 mm diameter) 2 stabilising feet with Twist & Lock supplied with each frame Modulate TM carry bag with dedicated compartments for the feet and graphics Innovative structures Each Modulate TM structure is made from aluminium tubes with a diameter of 30 mm, which makes them both light and durable. This new family of products is set apart from other existing solutions by a range of unique features, including the MagLink system and the Twist & Lock foot system. Need a change ? With powerful 360° magnets, the MagLink system makes it easy to assemble Modulate TM frames without the hassle of traditional clips add in or the need for Allen keys. These patent pending magnetic connectors and the 40 cm extension, allow you to vary the height of the structures, making Modulate TM a very versatile and reconfigurable solution. Save time ! Each element of the Modulate TM range is designed to make your life easier: sections with colour co-ordinated numbering system, bungee poles and easy-to-install feet. No tools required! Assembling Modulate TM is child’s play, allowing you to change your configuration in seconds. The structures are supplied with a pair of stabilising feet Modulate TM structures have a 5 year warranty 360° MagLink connector in each pole Intuitive assembly with no need for tools How to install Twist & Lock feet ? Assembling Modulate TM structures does not require no tools. Each section is labelled by number and colour coded for ease of assembly, connecting with a push-button. Once the structure is assembled, the Twist & Lock feet can be locked into place by rotating a quarter of a turn, for a perfectly stable free-standing frame. Add the perfect finishing touch with a tension fabric graphic, designed to fit the frame perfectly. We have created an innovative new foot system with no need for Allen keys or other tools. With the Twist & Lock system, simply position the foot under the structure, turn it and it’s locked! This system is an incredible time saver when installing your Modulate TM structures. Stabilising half feet can be added to your configuration to suit your needs (optional). Position Rotate Lock Stabilising half feet PATENT PENDING 3 1 2 4 Assemble the bungee sections using the push-buttons Add the central reinforcement tube and connect all the tubes according to the numbered system Place the Twist & Lock foot under the structure and rotate to lock it Use the gloves provided to handle the graphic and slide it onto the frame