Stand Collection 2019

• What is the size of the area that needs to be arranged? • How many open sides does the stand have? • How many people are needed to assemble and disassemble the stand? How experienced are they in terms of assembly? • Is it necessary to conduct a training? • Will the structure be used multiple times on different surfaces? • Do you need a storage area? • Do you need a separated consultation/conversation area? • Do you need additional accessories such as: counter, leaflet holder, tv set, tablet, shelves, roll-ups, stands? • Do you need hanging structure? • What means of transport will be used? • What is your budget? You are wondering if you should add some element or not? Contact us. Our experienced team will help you to find a suitable solution. Key to Symbols: Everything under one roof Modular stands are designed and manufactured in Poland. We also provide printing services and graphic-related finishing works, thanks to which we deliver a finished product. Warranty Vector and Formulate profiles have a lifetime warranty. LED lighting have a 1-year warranty. Off-the-Shelf systems have a 1-year, 5-year or lifetime warranty. Customized design We design stands to meet individual needs as well as make spatial arrangements. Helpful materials We offer templates of briefs which help to sort out necessary information and instruction manuals, also available as video tutorials. How to choose a stand? • Modular stands create an optimal visual effect and layout which allows you to match it to any kind of event. • Custom-made stands offer a guaranteed ideal match to the exhibitor’s specific features. • Portable stands are a perfect solution for the short-term events offering a possibility to move them around easily and frequently. To design your perfect stand answer the following questions: Needs analysis will make the choice of a suitable solution much easier. Our range of products will offer you a solution which meets your needs! Recommended cases and bags 1 year Guarantee 5 years Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee Textil Graphic recommended Estimated weight of the structure without graphics or accessories