Stand Collection 2019

All of our stands are delivered with graphic elements, which are each time aligned with the structure in order to ensure the best visual results. We advise the graphic elements for the stands to be printed on textile materials as in this way they are easy to transport when folded and there is no risk of creasing. The materials used are very flexible and straighten nicely when stretched across the frame. It is possible to transport such graphic elements to fit the 2,5 x 2 m as well as 3,5 x 6 m wall without worrying about their quality after unfolding! Printing and finishing Sublimation printing offers intense colour effect. Pigments do not accumulate on the fabric, thanks to which the print is durable. Large 3,1 m wide print! Latex printing, which is used for e.g: printing graphic elements for LED frames guarantees high quality print. Environmentally friendly, harmless technology makes it perfectly safe to place prints in places like hospitals and pre-school facilities. Large 3,2 m wide print!